Imagine the relief of finally understanding your child’s unique needs and feeling confident in your ability to support them. That’s the peace of mind the EVOLVE Coaching Program offers.

Designed by a nationally certified school psychologist, EVOLVE is a unique, collaborative coaching program that addresses behavior and learning challenges within your family. We guide you through a transformation that brings out the best in you and your child, offering practical strategies and ongoing support tailored just for you.


The EVOLVE Coaching Program stands out because of its holistic, personalized approach:

  • Collaborative Journey: We involve you and your child in the process, ensuring that everyone feels supported and empowered.
  • Customized Strategies: Our program is tailored to your unique needs, addressing specific behavioral and learning challenges.
  • Research-Driven Insights: We utilize the latest research in developmental psychology, behavioral psychology, child development, and family dynamics to drive evaluations and programming.
  • Focused on Unique Areas of Difficulty: Unlike other programs that zero in on discipline or communication alone, we tackle a wide range of challenges to help you support your child effectively.
  • Holistic Approach: We believe in the whole child approach, meaning that every aspect of a child’s life affects their behavior and learning. So we take into account all factors – family dynamics, home environment, social interactions, and more.

The EVOLVE Coaching Process

Our coaching process involves three key steps:

  1. Evaluation: Our program begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s strengths and challenges in various areas such as social/emotional development, executive function, behavior, learning style, and academic performance. It also includes parental assessments of areas such as parenting style and approach and communication patterns. By combining these elements, this helps us identify the root cause of any issues and develop a personalized plan for improvement.
  2. Collaborative Planning: We work together with you to create a customized action plan tailored to your family’s needs. This includes considering your unique values, setting realistic goals, implementing strategies and providing ongoing support.
  3. Implementation and Support: We provide hands-on coaching sessions to help you implement the strategies effectively. Our coaches also offer continuous support through regular check-ins, progress reports and resources to help you and your child(ren) continue their growth beyond the program.

Growth Tracks

You have the option to choose one of the following growth tracks for your customized program:

  1. Executive Functioning and Organization: this growth track is perfect for parents who want to help their child improve their ability to plan, organize, and manage time by developing skills like time management, planning, organization, and self-regulation.
  2. Behavior and Social Skills: this growth track is perfect for parents who want to help their child develop skills like self-awareness, empathy, communication, and problem-solving and manage challenging behaviors like lack of motivation and impulsivity.
  3. Learning Style and Academic Needs: this growth track is perfect for parents who want to help their child improve their academic performance and overcome learning challenges by identifying their child’s unique learning style and developing strategies to support it.

After choosing a growth track, you’ll select a plan that aligns with your specific goals and needs.

Program Plans

The Starter Plan (12 Weeks, Bi-Weekly)

Our Starter Plan offers a solid foundation for addressing immediate concerns and gaining fundamental insights into your family’s dynamics.

Features include:

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions: Address immediate concerns with guidance and support.

  • Fundamental Assessments: Parent Assessments: Parenting Style, Communication Patterns, Self-Care Practices.Child Assessments: Executive Functioning Skills, Learning Style, Social and Emotional Well-being, Interests and Strengths.

  • Email Support: Limited email support for quick inquiries.

The Comprehensive Plan (12 Weeks, Weekly)

For a deeper exploration and more robust support, our Comprehensive Plan provides everything in the Starter Plan with enhancements.

Features include:

  • Weekly Parent Coaching Sessions: More frequent sessions for in-depth exploration and progress tracking.

  • Comprehensive Assessments: Expanded assessments cover advanced aspects of parenting style, stressors, coping mechanisms, executive functioning, learning preferences, and social-emotional nuances.

  • Personalized Resources: Tailored resources and toolkits based on assessments and discussions.

  • Extended Email Support: Increased email support for ongoing guidance and clarification.

How it works

Initial Evaluation

We’ll begin with a series of detailed assessments to better understand your unique challenges and strengths.

Coaching Sessions

Bi-weekly or weekly coaching sessions, dedicated to working through the content of the Growth Track that you choose.

Ongoing Support

Email support to answer questions and offer guidance between sessions. We’ll also adjust strategies as needed.

Take the Next Step

Ready to transform your family’s dynamics and enhance your child’s development?

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Experience the relief, confidence, and peace of mind that comes with truly understanding and supporting your child. Join the EVOLVE Coaching Program and start your path to positive change.