We redefine the way families approach behavior and learning challenges.

At Whole School Psych, consulting is not about giving advice. It’s about forming a personalized partnership to co-create transformative educational experiences tailored to your needs. Our consultancy is deeply rooted in collaboration, not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We work with you to understand your family’s unique challenges and implement effective solutions.

Why work with us?

In the landscape of behavior and learning challenges, many organizations tend to lean towards either consulting or coaching. We take the best of both worlds and blend them.

Our consultancy combines the diagnostic depth of consulting with the personalized guidance of coaching, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses the root causes of your family’s difficulties while providing actionable strategies.

Coaching often focuses on specific strategies that are segmented into specific categories. Our consultancy provides a holistic understanding of and approach to behavior, learning, and your family dynamics, making it easier to see how the pieces work together.

Going beyond quick fixes, our consultancy focuses on sustainable transformation, blending the best aspects of consulting’s in-depth analysis upfront with coaching’s ongoing support throughout the remainder of our time together.

Our Approach

ONE: Providing Information

    We start by offering you the information you’ve been seeking. Understanding the nuances of behavior and learning challenges is the first step towards meaningful change. This also helps us lead you in the direction of the program that will best address your needs.

    THREE: Tailored Solutions

    Based on the results of our evaluation, we develop individualized strategies for your family. This includes considering your unique values, goals, and needs while acknowledging the strengths and challenges of each member. For academic coaching programs, the supports are tailored within the context of the program curriculum.

    TWO: Diagnostic Insight

    After clarifying your options, we perform a thorough evaluation using standardized psychological assessments for both parents and children when necessary. This helps us understand your specific needs. Our assessments cover areas such as parenting style and approach, communication patterns, executive functioning skills, learning preferences, academic diagnostics, and social, emotional, and behavioral development.

    FOUR: Implementation Support

    We then work with you to implement these solutions in a practical and sustainable way. We provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure that changes are successfully integrated into your daily routines and interactions.

    How to Work with Us

    Please see our offerings below.

    EVOLVE Parent Coaching Program

    The EVOLVE Coaching Program provides a comprehensive solution for parents to effectively understand and support their child’s learning and behavioral challenges at home.

    By offering a whole-child approach and personalized strategies, the program empowers families to address the root causes of these challenges, ensuring positive and lasting changes. Unlike typical resources that focus on specific issues like potty training or discipline, EVOLVE delivers holistic and impactful support tailored to each family’s unique needs.

    Utilizing data-driven decision-making and crafted by a school psychologist, EVOLVE is designed to enhance the well-being and development of school-aged children.

    your family will:

    Learn to identify and work with each family member’s unique strengths and develop personalized strategies for addressing behavior and learning challenges.

    EXCEL Academic Coaching Program

    EXCEL is an innovative online academic coaching program for middle school students (grades 5-8) seeking improved academic performance.

    Combining tutoring and coaching with personalized curriculum driven by psychoeducational assessments, EXCEL develops specific skills like phonics, grammar, and reading comprehension, alongside global skills such as time management and organizational techniques.

    Led by a skilled school psychologist, the program supports all middle school students (including those with ADHD, executive functioning difficulties, and learning disabilities), fostering confidence and a love for learning through customized coaching sessions on a secure virtual platform.

    your child will:

    Enhance academic skills in phonics, grammar, reading comprehension, and writing, develop effective learning strategies, time management, and organization skills, and gain confidence, motivation, and a love for learning.

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